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Shandong GP. Derki Pharma Co., Ltd.
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Shandong GP Derki Pharma Co.; Ltd. is a provincial joint-stock drug wholesale enterprise with existing employees of more than 60 persons and registered capital of RMB 20 million. The company obtained GSP certification of CFDA again in 2014. The company specially acts as agents for domestic drugs, high-end consumables as well as more than 40 product specifications of health products with its annual sale volume of RMB 0.2 billion.  

GP Derki Pharma adheres to the strategic development concept of “professional development, international cooperation and brand casting” and devotes to acting as agents for a multitude of high-quality varieties at the cardio-cerebral vessels field, whole liver & digestion field, ophthalmology department and spine surgery, etc. so as to build the national network platform system in Greater China Region. The company aims at the international market and absorbs the domestic and foreign high-end medical management personnel extensively so as to establish the excellent and professional cooperation brand for the company at agency system development!

At present the company cooperates with Germany Merz Pharma promotes Hepa Merz (Ornithine Aspartate Injection), the originally researched good medicine for liver disease. The company also acts as the agent for high-quality consumables at spine surgery of BK Meditech Co., Ltd of South Korea. Furthermore, the company carries out comprehensive cooperation with Nutralab Canada Inc, the largest company for health products of Canada, to promote and sell a series of health products and food in China.

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