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Shandong GP. Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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  Shandong GP.Biotechnology Co.; Ltd. was founded in August 2015, with the registered capital of RMB 20 million. GP Biotechnology is the platform enterprise of the Group Company in R&D of biomedical and introduction of new and high technology, as well as general agent of medical projects in Greater China.

  The current cooperation projects include gene coating technology, global new generation of antidepressant drugs, HBV scavenger, antibody antineoplastic drugs, biological conducting new material, lung cancer early diagnosis reagent, household breathing machine project, intelligent infertility project and simulation surgery teaching model. At present, it has signed an agreement with Mangogen Pharma Inc. (Canada), then established Shandong MangoGen Coating Technology Co.; Ltd. and will set up global production base in Jinan High-Tech District.

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